The image database for German press

Pelipress is the online image database for Germany. Journalists and magazine editors can search for high resolution images of your products by color, theme or key word. These high resolution images can then be downloaded with brand information (including URL) to be used for publications, generating exposure for your brand or products. Your product images here? Do you have high resolution images of your products that you want to show off in our image database for the German press? Well, now you can!

In the spotlight: For an additional € 50,- you can have one of your images featured at the top of the database for one month.

275 for 6 months
  • up to 6 images
430 for 6 months
  • 12 images
585 for 6 months
  • 20 images
825 for 6 months
  • 35 images
1023 for 6 months
  • 49 images
1364 for 6 months
  • 99 images

Included: German translation

Contact us to have your images evaluated. High resolution images are 1200 pixels minimum (!) on the short side and - preferably - 300 dpi.

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After I place my order, what’s the next step?

1. You send us the images from which your package will be constructed. 2. Together we pick the most suitable pictures. 3.You supply the information to go with the approved images. 4. Once we receive everything, your images and product information will be online within a week. 5. We’ll inform you of any image downloads so you can keep an eye out for publications in the press. It is not the intention that you announce the number of downloads pre-publication. 6. You’ll be notified just prior to your images 6 month expiration.

Can I upload images myself?

No, we’ll take care of the uploading for you after having agreed on the images. Often we receive images that are too small, poorly lit or badly cropped. Sometimes the brand has already been reserved. By controlling the uploading we can guarantee an image base with the highest quality images.

Can I edit the product information myself, after it is online?

No, we have editors that will guarantee the quality and uniformity of your information. They are the only ones that have direct access. After approval, we try to minimize changes as much as possible. Additional edits would make previous downloads out of date.

What exactly are high resolution images?

A high resolution image is minimum 300dpi on a 10x15 cm print. In other words, it is an image of 1200 pixels minimum on the short side. In a square, for example, it would be 1200x1200 pixels.

Does it matter how many images I want online?

No, we will calculate the total price depending on the total number. So if you’re bigger than a small but smaller than a medium, we’ll customize the fit.

How long will images remain in the image base?

Images are in the base for 6 months because this is the best time frame in terms of seasonal publications, downloads by theme and new collections.

Can I replace the images within the 6 month run?

No, a package runs for 6 months. However there is no limit to the number of packages that you can have running. Also, if you have not exhausted the number of images in your package, you can fill those spaces later. But remember that a package closes 6 months after the first image has been uploaded.

Who is downloading my pictures?

Journalists and editors primarily, from websites, blogs, magazines and news papers in Germany. More questions? Send us an email at We’ve got all your answers.

Über uns

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